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Hunter Pack


Are you ready to inventory your deer herd like the pros? Then get your ScrapeFix® Hunter Pack today!

The ScrapeFix® Hunter Pack is the all-in-one combination pack that will allow you to inventory your deer herd year-round. The Hunter Pack includes (1) bottle of ScrapeFix®, that will get your deer checking the scrapes during the early and late season; (1) The Vine, allowing you to make the PERFECT MOCK SCRAPE in any location. Fully adjustable, place The Vine on any tree, adjust to the desired height of licking branch and WATCH IT WORK; (1) ScrapeStick AND (1) ScrapeStick 3 Pack, a patent-pending licking branch system used to attract, pattern, and position whitetail deer. Deer rely on both licking branches and scrapes to communicate with each other, most notably during the rut. By using ScrapeStick in combination with a mock scrape, you’ll enhance your opportunities for great trail camera pictures and action from your tree stand.

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