The Complete Wind Pro Mock Scrape System

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ScrapeFix Mock Scrape Package

Attract Scout & Retain Whitetails With The ScrapeFix Mock Scrape System.

This system has been proven to attract mature whitetails & keep them coming back. Simply place a few puffs of the powder on licking branches & on the ground. Each Bottle makes 10-20 Mock Scrapes.

For best results, you can use the dominant buck all year round, start your mock scrapes using the Dominant Buck, and as the rut approaches add the Doe Estrus and use both to the end of the season.

The Complete ScrapeFix Mock Scrape System TV Package Is The No. 1 Rated Attractant On The Market Today.

In this special TV offer you will receive:

  • 1 Doe Estrus Scrape Maker & Attractant
  • 1 Dominant Buck Scrape Maker & Attractant
  • 1 Smoking Powder (unscented) Wind Checker
  • 1 Scent Free White Wind Checker
  • 1 Mock Scrape Secrets instructional DVD

Package Includes